Three Stories Explaining Why I’m Not a Christian

1. Thanking God

My ex-wife’s niece was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, which is four holes in her heart. She had three surgeries at the Hospital Pediátrico William Soler, Cuba’s national children’s hospital. The surgeries were successful and she’s now a healthy and growing little girl.

Cuban doctor and medical students.

2. Helping People

Adam Grant is a professor of psychology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His 2013 book Give and Take presents his research into givers and takers. He found that the most successful people and the least successful people are givers. (Takers are in the middle.) The difference between successful and unsuccessful givers is that successful givers are selective about whom they help. In contrast, people who help everyone become overwhelmed and can’t take care of themselves.

Our School DAF stuttering therapy device.

3. Prayer

I don’t pray. Instead I use the power of negative thinking. I control the universe with my mind. Whatever I expect will happen, never happens. When I make plans, the plans go astray. I expect and plan for the worst, and I’m pleasantly surprised when the worst doesn’t happen.

Gravedigging fun!



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Thomas David Kehoe

Thomas David Kehoe


I make technology for speech clinics to treat stuttering and other disorders. I like backpacking with my dog, competitive running, and Russian jokes.