My MacBook Pro was running out of storage. Its 256GB of memory was down to 9GB of free space.

I ran About This Mac > Storage > Manage> Optimize Storage. I ran Clean My Mac. These cleared a few gigabytes, but the space was soon gone again.

I noticed that the folder sizes didn’t add up. My user account had 6.5GB of my files but used 152GB of storage.

Then I keyed shift-command-period. This shows hidden files. The 152GB of hidden files became visible.

I found that the Apple Podcast app had stored 6GB of old podcasts. I listen to…

tl;dr Understand diegesis and mimesis.

Diegesis (“narration”) and mimesis (“imitation”) have been contrasted since Plato’s and Aristotle’s times. Diegesis is the telling of a story by a narrator. Mimesis tells a story by means of action that is enacted.

“Show, don’t tell” is a bad rule because it tells screenwriters to use images, and not to use words. But images can be used diegetically. Words can be used mimetically. And sound is one of the best ways to tell a story yet gets left out of the rule.

The opening of The Road Warrior is a sequence of stock clips, including an atomic bomb blast…

I’ve paid for notes from more than thirty coverage services and readers.

  • Five readers helped me make significant improvements.
  • A dozen readers improved a line or two.
  • Half gave me no actionable comments.

Why do most coverage services suck?

Whom not to ask to read your screenplay

Don’t ask your friends/family to read your screenplay. Your screenplay sucks. Some parts are embarrassingly bad.

Don’t rely on free feedback from people on Reddit or in Meetup groups. Analyzing a screenplay takes training and skill.

Don’t rely on a writing partner for feedback. Different people will see different ways to improve your screenplay. …

Germany in 1920 had many similarities to the United States in 2020:

  1. Both times were/are extraordinary. Voters were/are polarized between the left and the right, and centrist leaders struggled to stay in office. Germany in 1920 was far more polarized than the United States in 2020. Several German provinces had Soviet revolutions. A right-wing private army, the Freikorps, killed thousands of Reds. Street brawling between the left and right occurred nightly in cities across Germany. The recent unrest in Portland and Kenosha has been far less violent than the world Hitler lived in.
  2. Both times were/are extraordinary for the same…

Three years ago I implemented IBM Cloud Speech-to-Text into my web app LanguageTwo. It was the worst part of my app. The streaming WebSockets connection was unreliable at best. I’ve spent three weeks fixing it.

My project uses AngularJS and Firebase.

My first plan was to discontinue the WebSockets streaming and instead record each audiofile, save it to the database, send the file to the IBM Cloud for processing, and then send the response to the browser to display to the user.

I spent a week figuring out how to set up the browser to record from the microphone. It…

Superstitious pseudo-medicine; conspicuous consumption of endangered species; government policies encouraging unhygienic, cruel wildlife farms; and disinterest in public health, e.g., not shutting down wild animal markets after SARS, are seen in countries around the world. But China’s dense population, rapidly increasing wealth, and world travel have amplified these factors to create a series of zoonotic epidemics: SARS in 2002, the recurring variances of avian bird flu over the past 25 years, and now COVID-19.

European colonialists destroyed much of the world’s animals, such as African elephants. But European colonization ended fifty years ago. Today the Chinese “generate most of the…

Running shoes have fixed my injuries, and caused my injuries. From 1995 to 2004 I ran in Nike Air Structure stability shoes, heel striking from injury to injury. In 2004 I read a magazine article about a Romanian coach, Nicholas Romanov, who advocated forefoot striking. I found that I could keep up with faster runners, with my heart rate lower. In 2005 Nike came out with the Free, with a flexible forefoot and a barefoot feel that makes forefoot striking easy. I ran injury-free in Frees until 2015. Then I got metatarsal inflammation in both feet. Physical therapists and a…

A woman I lived with had a closet full of pointy-toed, stiletto-heeled boots. Each time she bought a new pair I’d joke, “How is it that women’s fashion footwear is the only dangerous product sold in this country without a warning label?” Pretty soon she stopped laughing at my joke, and I thought, “What would the warning label say?

“Watch Your Step” boots

I made a pair of “Watch Your Step” boots and brought them to a party. When I took the boots out of my bag it was liked I’d switched on a giant vacuum cleaner. …

This is all the software I need to develop JavaScript on my MacBook. This blog post is aimed at beginner developers, starting FreeCodeCamp or another coding bootcamp. (And I recommend starting with FreeCodeCamp before you pay for coding bootcamp, but that’ll be another blog post.)

Which computer to buy?

At any co-working space you can look across at dozens of developers working on MacBooks. You won’t see more than one or two people on a PC. Another way to say this is, all modern computers run either Windows and UNIX. UNIX includes Apple devices, Android phones, LINUX computers, PlayStations, etc. I’ve liked every version…

A friend told me that, to her, Christianity is helping people, prayer, and thanking God.

1. Thanking God

My ex-wife’s niece was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, which is four holes in her heart. She had three surgeries at the Hospital Pediátrico William Soler, Cuba’s national children’s hospital. The surgeries were successful and she’s now a healthy and growing little girl.

After the last surgery, and before we married, my then-fiancée asked me for $100 so that she, her sister, and her little niece could take a bus twelve hours across Cuba to the El Cobre Basilica to thank the Virgin of Charity…

Thomas David Kehoe

I make technology for speech clinics to treat stuttering and other disorders. I like backpacking with my dog, running competitively, and Russian jokes.

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